Thursday, October 1, 2009


Confusion !
Same dock different view.

The "Grave Digger"
A sign of tough economic times
and a wanning industry.

( Click on photo to see the name of boat )

My luck, I would untie the wrong rope, and
like a wool sweater, all would come unravled.


Sandra said...

I love the second view of the dock, i can smell the salt air. When I enlarged the view of the last one, all the boats, I have never seen so many lines that go up in the rigging. I think that is rigging. great shots. wish i were there with you

Sunny said...

Before I tell you how much I like your dock pictures, let me say I love your header. Perfect for the season!
Oh, I think your dock and boat shots are really great. The Grave Digger is a good looking boat.
Sunny :)

dot said...

Nice shots but I really love the second one. Maybe I've been through Darien. Not sure. I wonder if the Buckaneer restaurant is near there?