Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garden Progress 5/31/11

Meanwhile back in the Garden

OHhhhh Nooooo !!!
This is serious. Seven dust will not due.
Straight up in line DDT

This is a man eater. It attacked a neighbor.

Check out the pickling Cucumber in the middle of the Photo.
Yahooo I'm a Farmer   !!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Not all shall perish, for God saved those, to remember.

When I got my first camera the rebel XT, the traveling Viet Nam wall
came to a location very near us. This was my first experience with a
camera. I probably took 200 snaps. The reflections of the people on the wall,
some in Prayer really touched me. These were lost due to a computer crash.
These were the best I have ever done, and I will never equal them.
Because ! "I will never Forget them."
(Two photos saved from an e-mail to my Hero "Mad snapper".)

I looked at this. Is she sowing the seeds of freedom?

"He will be forever Young
Who died to keep men free."
(Unknown;.....to me.)
 The Gentleman below is dressed in battle dress of the 7th cav. right down to
the spurs on his boots.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I would choose to be Free.

Oh Yes
Bought and paid for by a higher Power.
Freedom is a Birth right.
American Revolution.
Historical Midway  Church, Destroyed
once by hurricane and burned once 

The church was built in 1756 and burned
during the revolutionary war. It was rebuilt
in 1792. I seem to remember it was nearly
destroyed by a hurricane.
When the early political establishment 
discussed a name for this county; what
could be more appropriate than
LIBERTY.. county 

In those early days of Freedoms formation,
even before the first volley of hostility.Those
who came here were well off. Educators,
Doctors, lawyers, and above all Freedom 
Seekers. Like I'm reminded they risked all.
Their fortunes and their lives. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Tribute to Freedom.

It is my intention to honor all
of our Sons and Daughters
Who now rest in the arms of
Almighty God. Those who answered 
Freedoms call in every corner of
Gods Creation.
                          Poem by Walt Whitman; Of an Ohio farm family
                                       during the American Civil War.

Come up from the fields father, here's a letter from our Pete,

And come to the front door mother, here's a letter from thy dear son.

Lo, 'tis autumn,

Lo, where the trees, deeper green, yellower and redder,

Cool and sweeten Ohio's villages with leaves fluttering in the moderate wind,

Where apples ripe in the orchards hang and grapes on the trellis'd vines

(Smell you the smell of the grapes on the vines?

Smell you the buckwheat where the bees were lately buzzing?),

Above all, lo, the sky so calm, so transparent after the rain, and with wondrous clouds,

Below too, all calm, all vital and beautiful, and the farm prospers well.

Down in the fields all prospers well,

But now from the fields come father, come at the daughter's call,

And come to the entry mother, to the front door come right away.

Fast as she can she hurries, something ominous, her steps trembling,

She does not tarry to smooth her hair nor adjust her cap.

Open the envelope quickly,

O this is not our son's writing, yet his name is sign'd,

O a strange hand writes for our dear son, O stricken mother's soul!

All swims before her eyes, flashes with black, she catches the main words only,

Sentences broken, _gunshot wound in the breast, cavalry skirmish, taken to hospital,

At present low, but will soon be better._

Ah now the single figure to me,

Amid all teeming and wealthy Ohio with all its cities and farms,

Sickly white in the face and dull in the head, very faint,

By the jamb of a door leans.

Grieve not so, dear mother_ (the just-grown daughter speaks through her sobs,

The little sisters huddle around speechless and dismay'd),

See, dearest mother, the letter says Pete will soon be better.

Alas poor boy, he will never be better (nor may be needs to be better, that brave and simple soul),

While they stand at home at the door he is dead already,

The only son is dead.

But the mother needs to be better,

She with thin form presently drest in black,

By day her meals untouch'd, then at night fitfully sleeping, often waking,

In the midnight waking, weeping, longing with one deep longing,

O that she might withdraw unnoticed, silent from life escape and withdraw,

To follow, to seek, to be with her dear dead son.
This is an American Indian word for "Burial Ground".

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Drought ? You Bet !!!.

We stopped the car, I opened the
passenger door to take a photo.
Boy was I fooled, It sure looked
thirsty to me what say you my
blogger friends ??
Look behind the Bird Bath at the dark thirsty Pooch.
Do you see it..???
( Dr. Visit today turned into a lot of funThank you God.)
"Credits to my Wife Madeline, She saw this Thirsty Pooch"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cetti's Warbler.

Cetti's Warbler.
My Family name "Cetti"
I had herd of this
but had forgotten. I just knew
there were some birds in my Family
Francesco Cetti
August 9, 1726--November 20,1778.

Update on Tomatoe Garden.

Forgive me But I had to
snap something.
I know you all must be tired of seeing so much green on
my post. But it is hot and I am confused, the birds
are confused. The sprinkler is running for the birds.
 I'm inside sitting, now watching out the window..

We used to be a nation of Farmers, but now
it's less than 2% of the population in the United
States. So a lot of us don't know What it takes
to grow food.
(Judith Redmond, "Full Belli Farms")

Grow maters grow.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Morning Bird needs a shave !!!!.

Perhaps, a better word would be
 a Shove !!

Ohhh yess thats a metal sign  it's  abusing.

 I think the neighbors are beginning to
enjoy watching me and my Rebel XT
trying to capture this Scruffy  aggravation.

Pears. I Think ??

Hard Work.

Saint Francis of Assisi !
Davy Crockett ?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wet Tomatoes.

Late watering.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yard Work.

Ohhhh Yes!! Snapper II makes a
valiant attempt at Y... W...

As you can see I had a great start. Equiptment
failure is always a Game plan defeat.
Darn power tools...

You could be seriously Injured if you
don't know what you are doing..

No Grass shall grow under the
Snapper II's Feet.
OK Ok, We are doing ok, We got stuff growing.

OOps Excuse me, Photos of my neighbors yard?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ruth's Photo Blog.

I just wanted to dedicate this
Post to your Faith and
your Courage. From my
Madeline and me.
On my way to the coffee pot I looked out through
the Sun Room and all I could see was PINK. the
lake, the sky, and a heavy Pink haze. 
And the Sun hanging like pink lantern. 
What a smile to begin the day.

Prayers and many Blessings to You.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blooming Cucumber !!!

Oohhh Yes it is.
Blooming Pickles.

Oh ye of little faith, We got us a Garden.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This is interfering with the
US Mail. Woody you better get lost.

Great advice from the "MadSnapper"
She suggested I train the "Woody"
to eat my Bills. Huummmmm??

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

After noon light.

Watching the sunlight
yesterday afternoon.
 I thought this was neat.

This is a fiber string, installed to
give the Pickeling cucumber's
something to climb on.
Very interesting how we decided to use
fiber,( we were told to by an experienced
Gardener, We asked for advice, he most graciously
gave freely of his advice. )  We decided to use wire.
The Gardener said Why did you ask then?
Now you know the rest of the story.
Fiber it is then!!!! By Gollies !!!!.

I can taste these bad boys already.