Monday, November 9, 2009

Hinesville Ga. Bacon Frasier House.

The Bacon, Frasier House was built on a 23 acre tract of land
situated on the eastern boundry of the town of Hinesville in 
1839 by Mary Jane Bacon, widow of Major John Bacon. The
house has been owned and lived in by their heirs until the
present time.
The architecture is "Plantation Plain" style and its workmanship
reflects the work of the best craftsman of the day. The front
and two story section remain virtualy unchanged. However, the
two shed rooms and kitchen to the rear were removed and
additional rooms added in 1923. The 1923 section was removed
in 1979-80 and replaced with shed rooms porch dining room and
kitchen on the original foundation in the original architectural style
and interior design of the 1839 era.
A detachment of Shermans Army assulted the Plantation in 1864 
pillaging, looting, and burning. The house was spared the tourch, but
  the barn and all outbuildings were burned by the northern troops. 

These trees near the house are not verry old but
they are absolutely beautiful..

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Sandra said...

the house is perfect. I would love to sit on that porch and swing or rock. the trees are almost as OLD as we are, so that means they ARE old.