Thursday, January 19, 2012

Electric Membership Cooperative !

Say, your electric bill is to high?
Say, your bill jumped $40.00 this month?
Well, You don't have to take it, Neighbor!
You, are a member! Of the Cooperative.
The dictionary; Cooperative means.
"Working together willingly for a common benefit or purpose"

Oh you sneaky devil you . You raised your own bill.

I'm on top of it.

The board meets once a month
you're invited.


TexWisGirl said...

too funny! we had one of those vultures fry himself on our electric pole once and took out our transformer doing it. :)

Mark said...

Visiting your blog, and just love the photos. Beautiful. I think I'll stick around.

Sandra said...

that is some conversation between these guys, who knew vultures used electric or were in a co-op, thanks for letting us know. poor vulture out in TX

S. Etole said...

fun dialogue and great photos ...

MedaM said...

I too had some fun with this post. Photos are really beautiful!