Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wood Pecker, in Magnolias

Rhythmic tympani of woodland symphony,
His search for lunch in Quercus branch
Ads music to a forest glade.
Dawn's chorus would the poorer be
Without his insistent cacophony.

O Woodpecker
With your pecking beak
Peck upon a tree
For food to eat.
( Please don't peck holes in my telephone pole )

The Wood Pecker pecked out a little round hole
And made him a  house in the telephone pole.

One day when I watched he poked out his head,
And he had on a hood and collar of red.

When the streams of rain pour out of the sky,
and the sparkles of lightening go flashing by

and the big, big wheels of thunder roll,
He can snuggle back in the telephone pole.
Elizabeth Madox Roberts.

."Each flower is a soul opening out to nature."
Gerald De Nerval
Azaleas are blooming.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful pictures. The Woodpecker among the flowers is so pretty.

Sandra said...

the photos are ALL beautiful... and cacophony is the right word for wood pecker noise... yesterday we had 3 birds i have never seen and the noise level was really something. so loud i recorded it

TexWisGirl said...

that last red-belly shot is beautiful!