Friday, April 18, 2014


Stick Bug.
Not Stink bug.
Bugs. This bug can devour
up to three teenagers a day.
That's why they never finish
cutting the grass. 

Taking a break from working in my yard.
I noticed something on my pant leg. I
took my pocket camera from my pocket
and started snapping. I never finished
the yard work.
 Wow! Can I pass the time of day.
No one can waste time like me.
Not even three teenagers. 


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Great shots.

Sandra said...

he looks like he is boxing.. cool shots

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Awesome pictures :)
Cool blog !

Betsy Adams said...

Hi SnapII..... I don't like those Stick Bugs either... I remember one time when a friend and I were picnicking somewhere. She saw a Stick Bug ---and ended up standing on TOP of the picnic table (like that was going to save her)... HA HA ---I laughed and laughed...

Happy Easter.

Grandma C said...

Great bug shots!