Monday, September 21, 2009

Prop me up Lord

Lord prop me up on my leanin'side
I know I canstand through the trials,
if you put up some poles.

don't let me be a lost soul.
"Forest Phelps-Cook"


Sandra said...

Love the barn and the house, even though it is leaning. did you see the little girl pouring something statue? in the corner? when i enlarge it I can see her and what looks like a well pump in the back yard.

Sunny said...

Old barns and houses are my cup of tea. I love that there is a pink flamingo in the yard! Great shots.
Sunny :)

Sunny said...

I just wanted to let you know that you didn't have to be around for the entire 100 if you wanted to put your name in the hat. Just let me know and thank you for your kind words, the mean alot to me.
Sunny :)

dot said...

So many little time. I'll be back another day to look some more. I love Georgia blogs!
Nice shots!!