Friday, March 26, 2010

Birds with Patience.

The Bird below is a
"Small Blue Heron"
I think ?
The Blue Heron was very
Patient, I followed it when
it flew twice, I was able to
watch it for a long time. Or was
it watching me? Oh well it was
an enjoyable experience.
Above "Great White Heron"
Above; Great Blue Heron.


Catherine said...

So very nice - and to think - right there in your own back yard! The Great Blue Heron is such a stately bird.

You can keep the geese!

Sunny said...

Wonderful bird pictures. I like your new header photo, the reflections are terrific.
Sunny :)

Sandra said...

WOW! that header is super duper great! love the birds and I see you have all these picture backed up from 2 weeks of no computer. can't wait for the rest of them

Anonymous said...

Yes, bird pictures are great.... especially the header. I, too, enjoy watching the herons...right off your dock.

MedaM said...

This is really beautiful series of bird photos. And, your header is outstanding.