Saturday, April 3, 2010

A "Persons" best friend's.

Above and below, I took this picture through
the windshield of the car. It was quite chilly,
and this fellow was trying to get comfortable
as well as warm.
Below is Mia, Mia is my cousin Catherine
who lives in Atlanta, baby. 
Below is Atina. Atina and Mia are cousins,
they play very well together. When Atina 
plays; stand back.. 

Below is Savannah. My sister's who lives in
Brookfield Wisconsin. They like to walk 

Below is Roxie. A well cared for Bassett
Hound that is loved by my grandson Henry.  

Below you see Roxie in her heated
apartment. The temperature is
monitored from inside her caregivers
home. A dogs life isn't so bad.


Sandra said...

you know before i say it that this is my all time favorite blog. Dogs Rule! these are all great shots!

Catherine said...

And you know how I feel - no photos better than those of children and dogs, especially such loved dogs who give love right back! Thanks for a great blog. We're still waiting for you to join us in having a dog - fun, definitely, trouble, yes, but worth it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with Sandra and Catherine. I feel honored to have Savannah mentioned. Her full name is Savannah Belle - a true Southerner. She's an old girl..14 now.

Sunny said...

I'm scratching my head wondering how I managed to miss this wonderful post!
Dogs are the greatest friends for sure.
Sunny :)