Monday, April 19, 2010


This is a Red Headed Woodpecker.
Imagine that.
( Click on pictures for better view)

Two male Red Headed Woodpeckers.
They are sculpting this tree.
This is not a Red Headed Wood Pecker.
It is a Red bellied Wood Pecker.
Say what ??


Catherine said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures..... On my way to see for myself

Sandra said...

I am soooooo jealous I can't think what to type!!!! that first shot is spectacular. you go snapper II. we have a couple just like this in the top of our avacado tree, they keep flying to the pine and back, not sure what they are doing but the tree limbs are between me and them and NO photo at all....did i say i am sooooo jealous?

Daria and Brian said...


A Brit in Tennessee said...

The very fact that you had your camera right there as the woodpeckers climbed is a chance in a million.
You must be a very patient man :)
The colors of the birds are spectacular, thank you for sharing with us !

dot said...

I think the old pecked up wood is pretty. These are beautiful shots! I've only been lucky enough to get a woodpecker shot one time.

MedaM said...

Oh, I love woodpeckers very much...they are so interesting to me but I've never managed to take any photo of them. These photos are wonderful; I simply love them all.

Bird Girl said...

Oh I do have a little twinge of jealousy that YOU have the good fortune to see red-headed woodpeckers! They are my absolute favorite and they no longer come to our area...the starlings have chased them and taken all their holes! Bummer. Beautiful pictures!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment :-)