Monday, April 5, 2010

New Birth, Spring.

I've made a few new discoveries at
Martins farm. It is not a real farm but
I call it that for lack of a better term. It
is a friends privet owned 400 acres of
wild life of all kinds. It is all new to me so I
am seeing new things all the time. It is
quite an experience trying to get pictures.
But a great experience to sum it up.
Above and below, Two owls, way up in the
nose bleed section of a tree. One of them
doesn't mind sticking it's head up, the other
just sort of lays there, unfazed by my truck
and camera. I will try to monitor them from
time to time so as not to disturb the parents.
Below is an "Ibis". Shows what I know, I thought
it was a Stork of some kind.
Below is my favorite, Malard ducklings.
The mother was right there with them
protecting them.

There are many preditators around these
little fellows. Osprey, hawks, buzzards,
a pair of eagles, and aligators. I hope they
all survive.


Sandra said...

i posted a long long long comment and got an error like this bX-fh6cn9 this is to see if it will take this post.

Anonymous said...

Love he owls and other wildlife... a sure sign of spring when the new ones start to hatch.
Good blog.

Catherine said...

Amazing that you could capture the owl right at the precise moment. I see what you mean about the little ducklings with their fine, fuzzy hair. Beautiful wildlife, beautiful photography.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

They are just spectacular!
It took skill and lots of patience to get pictures of the owl, and those baby ducklings are surely sweeter than honey.
Just beautiful !