Friday, June 18, 2010

At the Bird Bath.

But !
You are just sitting there !!

During this hot weather, the bird bath
is a very amusing place to take photos.
Above, the yellow fellow to the upper
right tried for quite a while to get a
refreshing cooldown, but never succeeded.
The gathering included; Doves, Cardinals,
Mocking birds, Blue birds, Gold Finch, Red
Wing black bird, a Fly catcher of some kind,
and a Painted Bunting. At the distance, this
was the best my amature ability could do.
Look at the photo below.
I know I can hear the female Blue bird
say, "we need to add a bath"


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. They are very clear. Love the blog comments as well. Quite a variety of visitors.

Sandra said...

well now, that first photo proves there is not racism in birds, 3 birds bathing at one time. these are super shots. love them all. glad you are back bloggin, I missed you. i see those sweet baby owls in the header, soooo cute.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Isn't this the sweetest thing to watch !
Yes, they are spending lots of time at the birdbaths, patiently sitting on the edge, sometimes with their little toes in the water :)
Awesome pictures, they made me smile ;)