Monday, May 31, 2010

Roadside Beauty

These first three flower pictures were
taken alongside of the road. I had to
stop the truck, cross a deep ditch, to
get the pictures. I think it was worth 
the effort. 

The following; along Hwy 17 south
Mcintosh county.
These make me sneeze.
Below, Cay Creek,
Liberty county GA

Boo !


chie said...

beauties in mundane places! good day to you sir :)

Sandra said...

it was worth it snapper II, love the photos. it looks like our blue woodland phlox, so maybe that is what it is. my favorite is the lizard, what is it sitting on. that is super duper

MedaM said...

I too agree that It definitely worth it. I love these flower photos very much and the lizard was a surprise for me. Beautiful series of photos, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Love the flowers... and the little lizard. Are the owls still there?

dot said...

You did good! I tried to get pictures of a big field of the yellow flowers but they didn't turn out. I went back to try again and the flowers were dying.