Friday, May 14, 2010


Ca mon in, the water is fine.
What shall we do for lunch.

Noooo thank you.
My smile is one of my strong points.
Don't you agree.

Do not feed, do not swim near Gators,
Do not disturbe their eggs which are
under a mound of earth very near the
water, keep your distance, take care to
keep pets and children a safe distance
from water that you are not familiar with.
While aligators are primarily found in fresh
water, they are found in brackish water,
and even in salt water. Aligators can rise up
on all four feet and are very fast for short
distances of five to ten yards.


Time for my mudd bath.


Sunny said...

See you later Alligator!
I have no desire to become lunch!
Happy weekend.
Sunny :)

Sandra said...

oh my, where did you find HIM??? in your backyard? i hope not

dot said...

He really does look likes he's smiling (or is it a she?) lol.

Catherine said...

I hope you had a telephoto lens on & that you were not that close!! Dangerous creatures!