Friday, May 21, 2010

Three Ring Circus

This is my coffee cup. I have had it for
about 15 yrs. This cup was presented to
me by two of my operators while I was
a Shift Supervisor in an industrial power
plant. Both operators were female, one
white and one African American, they
were both outstanding operators and
I could always count on them to do their
jobs. However the presentation of this
cup was no joke. They never failed to
call me Goofy in private, and I have never
failed to drink my coffee from this cup
every day.
The picture below is a fair description
of the environment I was supervising.
( I've Been retired for 7 Wonderful years now.)
Thank the Lord.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

I'd say they liked your sense of humor, and brought the best of these people's ability's out in them...always the sign of a good supervisor.
I sometimes feel I am the clown, in this circus life at work ;)

Catherine said...

I'm glad you're retired and out of there with all the hassles and shift changes! It's great to work with people you not only can depend on, but who you can laugh with. Says good things about you that they felt this way. I never knew the story of your mug - good one!

Sandra said...

i worked in a circus to and i love retirement as much as you do, bye goofy

dot said...

Retirement is nice but I wish I had more money. lol.
Your wife must be a good dishwasher to keep the cup for so long. I'm sure I would have broken it.

Sandra said...

boohooooo i shattered my one and only favorite coffee mug on the floor yesterday, bob said at least it did not crack the tile. boo hoo