Friday, August 27, 2010

Phun Phishing Phriday !

Dig your own bait, worms,crickets, or
other squishy, squiggly, crawly stuff.
Maybe you would like to cast a net for
your bait, after all you have the expertise.
Are we having fun yet, we've got all day
to bring back the big one.

Select a half dozen of your favorite rod
and reels. You can never have too many,
After all a Fisherman such as yourself
must bring back the biggest fish; "no liar

Would you like to fish from
a sturdy seaworthy boat?   No?

Let the Fishing begin !!!!!!!
ooppsss !!!
Our Tackle box is now hanging from the
telephone line, ringy dingy to the fish


Sandra said...

are all those rods YOURS? i know the boat is because i recognize it. what PHUN

Anonymous said...

Love the blog.... great idea... and great photos. Very unique and enteratining.