Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rose of Sharon.

Above; not a honey bee, not a humming bird,
but a very long extension on it's front for
consuming nectar, I assume.

Below Buds and Bloom.

One last sip, and then another flower. 


Catherine said...

Thanks for the Rose of Sharon. I never knew what one looked like. Such a beautiful flower to name the senior living complex for in Savannah - it's such a nice place. I assume it's still there.

Sandra said...

now i can, must have been gremlins. we went to lunch and when i got back saw you said Catherine could and did and now I have and did

Anonymous said...

The flowers are beautiful. Guess I haven't seen your blog in a few days. Great pics.

MedaM said...

These photos are a real treat to my eye. This flower is gorgeous and the way you took these photos is really specal!