Tuesday, November 9, 2010

September boat ride.

We went out on the salt
water to view the porpoise,
we saw a few porpoise, but
I never saw so many pelicans
in one place. A very enjoyable
Classical Ballet. No Doubt.
Would you like to see some
of My ballet moves, perhaps
a Pierrot ?


Ann Nichols said...

Aren't they just amazing shots! Those birds - when I lived in Florida they used to fly along side me when I was riding my bike... I'm certain it was the same ones every time! something about my orange bike - and me! - appealed to their sense of adventure. I was kind of scared the first few times (they're big!) but afterward was disappointed if they didn't come along!
Take care!

Sandra said...

they are funny birds, I love the dancing gull. and you know i love the pelican, my favorite of all birds.

Mama-Bug said...

Love the pelican, they're such characters aren't they. Really enjoy the photos on your blog.

lioneagle said...


I found you on Sandra's blog. My name is Sandra, too.

Your photos are stunning. I enjoyed them much!

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Thank you for your indulgence.