Saturday, January 8, 2011

Interesting Green Heron.

While thinking about something
to post, I came across this very
interesting bird. look close at the
photos because they are not
very clear.
Above and below, if you click on the
Photo you'll see a dragonfly in the
Herons beak.

Check out the feet on this Heron. The
feet have joints much like the joint's
on our finger's that can wrap around a
limb or branch, also there seems to be
long claw like nails. It would be hard to 
make this bird let go of it's perch 


Sandra said...

nice shot of him. these are rare here, have seen them only twice. i am trying to remember the name, i THINK it is little green heron, not sure.

Mama-Bug said...

I love the birds in the Heron family. We see them occasionally here but they tend to be a little shy.

S. Etole said...

I've only seen them in the distance ... great shots.

Carole said...

I am truly amazed at the pictures you take. They are wonderful and very informative. Thanks.