Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday My Town Shootout

Goodness Gracious Great shades
of YELLOW. Could this be
Friday My Town Shoot Out. !!!
Just hop on your scooter
and away we go..
I love Squash, Batter Fried, Stewed with onions,
Squash Casserole, Squash Soup,

Thai Roasted squash soup, Spaghetti
squash alfredo,Twice-baked squash medley.
Squash is an international food, American,
Italian, Mexican, Asian, AND the list goes
on and on, There's more squash recipes than
Bubba Gump Shrimp Recipes. 

 We all can agree Yellow is a good thing,
Corn for low country boil. 

"Lemon tree very pretty,
the lemon flower is sweet
but the fruit of the poor lemon
is impossible to eat......"

Well now, lets just do that. Compare
Apples Oranges and Banannas.
I'll never understand that, they
do not look anything alike. There's
a lemon law.
Try this, cooking without eggs I say.
Try hunting Easter eggs without eggs.
Try an egg toss without eggs.
Now for the biggie................
"Which came first the chicken or the egg"
Try that age old quandry, Without the egg,
We'd never figure it out.
Like I said Yellow is a good thing.
Pineapple Is Yellow, Ohh so good.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I'll have apiece of the Pinapple Cake,please.

Sandra said...

i thought the motorcycle was my favorite shot, but the pineapple upside down cake grabbed my taste buds and i am voiting for IT and for the deviled eggs... great job on your hunt for yellow

Sunny said...

They call him Mellow Yellow...quite rightly!
Great shots, those eggs look yummy!
Enjoy your weekend.
☼ Sunny

texwisgirl said...

Loved the sweet corn! Made me long for summer produce!

Sarah said...

OK now I am just hungry!!! I loved your shootout..for some reason the shot of the eggs in the cup really popped..beautiful shot! You could see all the shiny reflections and..well I loved it! The cake..well please pass some this way LOL! Sarah :)

Kim, USA said...

Your shots makes me hungry!! Thanks for sharing!


~JarieLyn~ said...

After reading your blog I have to agree that yellow is a good thing. I like your motorcycle shot. it looks very Easy rider psychedelic-ish. I love squash too, all the ways you named and that shot of the pineapples looks delicious. Yummy!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Lots of yellow! I suspect the chicken came first.

Ann said...

I love that lemon tree , very pretty song so much that I posted it last year and I also made up a story, Don't swallow the seed of th lemon.

My students thought it was fun eating the lemons, making the juice and singing the song.

Thanks for visiting.

Jama said...

I love all your yellow, cos they are some of my favorite fruits/food!

Doreen said...

I love all your yellow food shots. the trio shot is great! the first shot is fantastic also!! love it.