Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Red Bellied Wood Pecker ?

Red Bellied Wood Pecker.
Well that's what my bird
book says. What do my
Blogger Friends say  ?

Wood Peckers have a voracious appetite for bugs,
seeds and I don't know what else. They will peck
on a tree till the sap runs and sip the sap as well
as use the sticky liquid to hold their bugs captive
till they are ready for their next meal.

Very interesting characters.

See texwisgirl's comment for more explaination
on the Redbellied Wood Pecker.
You can visit her blog by clicking on the link below.


Sandra said...

we have these but no idea what they are called or if you are right, they make lots of noise and are beautiful, just like yours are. great shots. keep snappin snapper

Catherine said...

WOW! Great shots. I particularly like the two on the tree with the suet. Because of your advice, I bought 3 holders & am anxious to see the birds but the trees I put them in are too far away. I've moved them once - may move them again. Do you think they'd come on the porch if I put a couple there?

Catherine said...

Looked again - the first one is my fav.

texwisgirl said...

They're definitely red-bellies. The red belly is more of a tinge of red in their lower tummy area, but since they already had a red-headed variety that has a full red head (instead of just the stripe on this type) they went with red bellied. :)

You got a nice shot of a happy couple there - male with full red stripe - female only gets half a one...

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yes,definitely Red-bellied Woodpeckers and very pretty.

Dave said...

This is wonderful, actually one of my dream shots,

Ive been hunting these birds for sometime now but been unlucky so far.

Carole said...

Beautiful close up of the woodpecker... top one is my favorite.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Great shots! Sure do like their red heads!

Mama-Bug said...

They are quite the lovely couple! Just beautiful!

SquirrelQueen said...

You have some really lovely birds in your yard, I rarely see woodpeckers here except for a few flickers. I love those little Blue birds in the post below.

sam said...

Beautiful I love the close-up first shot great image!