Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blue Jay Plop Flop

I don't recall if I told you guys about this
event  But while sitting in the yard trying
to decide what color to paint the blue bird boxes
I hear this rather thunderouserous  Plop!!!
I look down and see this Blue Jay staring up at me.
from inside my wheelbarrow. What to do ?
This Blue Jay said!!
Don't paint the Bluebird Box!!!
I'll hide them in the doorway to the shed.
Well the plot I find a second J.
The cat sleeps in the door way to the shed
 I'll put them on a tree Limb
My Boy Scout duty is done and I'll hear not a Peep.


Sandra said...

he/she is soooo cute, wish i could have seen it, have not seen one this small or young or that close up. good boy for saving the young ones

texwisgirl said...

so did you paint the bluebird box or not!? :)

i had one of these little jays last year that i replaced onto an oak tree limb a few days in a row. sadly a copperhead snake got it when it flew down again...

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What a sweet little bird!

Mama-Bug said...

Aw, aren't you sweet taking care of the baby jays! You old softie!

S. Etole said...

he is such a cutie with his tousled feathers ...

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hey Snapper II that baby jay is one good looking young'un and so are the baby bluebirds in an earlier post. We'll be waiting to see their newly colored home. Great that you rescued the kids.