Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

The steeples of the
Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist,
Catholic church Savannah Georgia.

This is the front entrance to the church
located on Abercorn street, there is also a chapel
below the main church in the basement, if you will.

There are services everyday at designated
times. When there are no services in progress,
the church is open to turists, free of charge.
There is a place to make a donation if you wish.
  The Cathedral is beautifully decorated inside 
at this time. I will post some pics of the inside
later, but I am an amature and, the photos don't
demonstrate the true beauty.  

These flowers I found growing through a
decrotave iron fence on the grounds.

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Sandra said...

you told me you had a hard time getting pictures of it for me. YOU DID FANTASTIC! I love all these pictures. send me the first two in email. i will put them in my desk top photos.