Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.

The Alter of St John The Baptist.

The Cathedral is located at 222 east Harris st
Savannah Georgia. It is the Mother church of
Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah. It was
established as Savannah's first parish at the
end of the 18th century,by French imigrants
who fled Haiti after an uprising, and also  
French Nobles who fled the French revolution.

On May 30th 1800 the first church was built
on Liberty Square. By 1804 the church needed
more room. There were no more lots to build on.
On august 2nd 1811 the City granted permission
to build at Montgomery and Hull streets, but it
was never built. Instead it was built at Drayton
and Perry streets.

In 1876, another new building was built along Harris 
street between Abercorn and Lincoln streets. In 1898 
this structure caught fire and was almost completely
destroyed. The then Bishop of Savannah, Thomas A.
Becker said while looking at the devistation," The 
Cathedral must be rebuilt as soon as possible".

The reconstructed Church was completed in late
1899 and held the first Mass on Dec. 24 of that year.
It was dedicated on Oct. 28, 1900 by Archbishop
Sebastien Martinelli. The Cathedral remains one of the
largest church buildings in the southern United States.

In 1959-1963 the building was renovated extensively,
being updated with modern heating, cooling, lighting;
a new Plaza; a new Pulpit; and new Alter rail. In 1984-85
the building was again renovated: The old crumbling wooden
foundation was replaced with re-enforced concrete.

In September 1998-November 2000 the Cathedral slate
roof was replaced, 50 stained glass windows were
releded, and the interior was restored.

The Cathedral is a popular tourist attraction.

We are very thankfull to Almighty God that all of
this History and Tradition is granted to us
in Jesus Name. "He is the reason for the Season"


Sandra said...

beautiful photos and thanks for the history lesson on it. i was in it one time, i think it was 1962. it was beautiful then and now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat... love seeing all the pictures of Savannah landmarks.