Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Red Brick Wall.

With Windows.
Factors Walk Savannah Ga.

Factors Walk is the old old
business and trading center of
Savannah. Going back to the
days of ships under sail,
and even Pirates.

This wall in the sunlight seemed
to shout "my windowes have
seen more than you can imagine".

I wonder what the iron wall mounts were
for ? Maybe planters, light oil drums for
 heating. Looking at it I don't think I'd
pull up a chair and kick back.

Click on pictures to see details.

Windows in red clap board siding.


Sandra said...

I know i would not step out on that balcony. Bars on the windows? oh my what is Savannah coming to? ha ha
love the factors walk, it looks just like it always did. I have not been on it in about 30 years

Sunny said...

Red bricks and iron balconies...perfect.
Sunny :)

Sandra said...

I missed the catherdral on the side bar, lets see it LARGE on the post. like those trolley's, are they Savvannah?