Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blue Jay

I saw the parent feeding this young
Blue Jay. I took some pics then watched
from a distance for a while. I was
interupted by a neighbor for 30 min, so
when I went back the baby was gone.
I looked around but did not find it. I
sure hope it survived.
Please click on picture for better detail.

Not to be confused with "Toronto Blue Jays"


Sandra said...

that next to the last photo is really good. he is so cute. hope he survived. beautiful colors. i love the goat peeking through the wire fence at me from your side bar

Anonymous said...

You have a good eye for detail. Curious as to what happened to him.

Sunny said...

Such a tiny little birdie, hope he is okay. Wonderful pictures!
☼ Sunny

Anonymous said...

Love your bluejays. Do you still have the bluejay houses? Ours has a nest in it but we haven't seen many bluejays or babies. We have a couple of hawks now - perish the thought.

MedaM said...

What a finding! Ah, how cute it is this little birdie. I hope everything is ok with it!