Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tiny Flower.

Madsnapper's tiny flower nestled, growing
in the hole of the oak tree, inspired these
pics. The flower above is a little larger than
the end of a pencil erasure. I was attracted
to it because it looked like an orchid, notice
the top flower.
This flower above, is 4x the size of the 
end of a pencil erasure. Not focused to good.

This fellow above just would not go away,


Sandra said...

great capture of the dragonfly. his color is lovely. they are hard to get and U did it! the flowers amaze me that they are that small and came out so clear.

Catherine said...

OOH I like them all, especially the dragonfly - so clear - and the marsh - miss it so much!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are all very good but I especially like the one of the dragonfly. The flowers are beautiful.

Sunny said...

Such pretty little flowers and very cool dragonfly.
Have a great weekend.
☼ Sunny

Judy said...

I especially love the dragonfly and the daylillies.
Great shots!

MedaM said...

I love your flower photos very much especially the first one. And, the dragonfly photo is just great. I've never managed to take its photo.