Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fiddler&Sand Crabs

These first few photographs
are of Fiddler Crabs usually
found on mud flats of rivers,
but also show up around
heavy vegetation in sandy
areas. Birds love them for 
food. Fisherman also seek 
them for bait. There are 
many different variety's all
over the world, and the male
has one very large claw which
distinguishes it from the female. 

The following are called by several names, Sand Crabs,
Ghost Crabs, Hermit Crabs. They are hard to spot and
also difficult for predator's to catch, they can scurry about
at 10 miles per hour. Their two eyes can rotate 360 degrees
but they can not look straight up so they often fall prey for birds.
I have some better pictures but have not put them on the computer

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Sandra said...

great shots, snapper II and we are waiting for you to get those other photos up for us to see. today is the day. start computing