Monday, September 27, 2010

Monarch Butterflies

Did you know that Monarch Butterflies are
poisonous? Not to humans, but the chemicals
from the milkweed plant that they eat while
in the larvae stage builds up inside them and
gives them a poisonous defence against
predators, like frogs, birds, mice and
My blog has been Bllllaagghhhhh. Soooo with the encouragement
of my Hero "Madsnapper" I will try to improve the blog.


Sandra said...

your hero says two thumbs UP. blog looks great and the b-flies are marvelous and gorgeous. you did good siiting on that bench and waiting. i like the whole new look a lot

Madeline said...

I like it too! The butterflies are beautiful and I like the new set up!

Carole said...

I totally agree. Love the new "headline" and the butterflies are beautiful.... love the detail and color. You did a great job.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Love the butterflies and the waterlilies below.

LC said...

Photos are great! Except I am getting depressed about my own efforts! lol!
. . . I think those beautiful butterfly images may be of fritillary butterflies, not monarch. Both are beautiful!