Friday, September 24, 2010

Koi Pool Flowers.

I recently took these Photos
on the way back from a Dr.
visit in Savannah. This pool
is on a large plaza at a local
shopping center. I spied it,
parked the truck got out and
started shooting away. I 
looked up and there was another
shutterbug snapping away also.

I enjoyed these so much.

I just had to add this fellow below,
he stopped by for lunch.


Sunny said...

The Water Lilies are breathtaking. That looks like a Grackle about to enjoy his lunch.
Happy Weekend!
☼ Sunny

Sandra said...

i agree with sunny, these are breathtaking and stunning. very good, excellent in fact. sweet little bird to. you did good to stop, found fotos are the best

Carole said...

Very good...your eye leads you to where you want to go....and you've done very well.

Mrs. Snapper II said...

Wow! I say wow!!! These are so beautiful. They will make good greeting cards for me. You are getting better and better!