Monday, February 28, 2011

Ahhhh Spring; Romance.

Before the first flower Buds crack
open, the Animal kingdom feels
the effects of Spring. Romance.
The search for a Mate begins.

Even while the wind's are still cold.

The Animal Kingdom, feathered as
well as the furry, the search is on.


Sandra said...

totaly awesome shots!!!! i mean it. LOVE the header shot and the best of all the duck swimming through the reflections. these are way cool Snapper II

texwisgirl said...

You had me at your header photo...

Wondered if you were related to Snapper One aka MadSnapper, but I see you're in Georgia and she's in Florida... Just mutual lovers of photos of wildlife and the like? Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! Will enjoy your photos!

We had a wood stork here at Run*A*Round a couple of years ago - it was fascinating and was not very shy. :)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Amazing pictures,especially the first one.

From the Kitchen said...

I can't wait for those feathered creatures that you've "captured" so nicely to return back here. That will mean spring for us in the frigid midwest.


Carole said...

I really enjoyed the pictures of the ducks. I showed it to my friends, Earl and Marlene. Earl carves ducks so he knows much about them.