Monday, February 21, 2011

Blue Heron and it's Catch.

When it's time to eat
this young Heron 
doesn't hesitate.
Notice the fish in it's beak.

Lightening fast it is,
A meal, in the blink
of an eye and the
thrust of it's beak.

The young Heron is Proud
of it's catch. 

Silently, patiently, determined,
NEXT !!!!!! 
Survival is serious business.


Sandra said...

this is better, here we go, you fixed it. love the wide wing spread and he looks like he is dancing in a ballet. did you get these while hiding in your stealth tent

S. Etole said...

In the next to last photo it looks like a celebration is going on!

Mama-Bug said...

They are all wonderful, I love the one with his wings spread wide.

George said...

These are wonderful pictures of the young heron getting his dinner. The picture of him celebrating is amazing.
Thanks for visiting my site.

From the Kitchen said...

Hey "Snapper II", thanks for stopping by. I can tell that you are a true southerner by your food choices!! And, your photos are great. I love the spread-wing of the heron.