Friday, February 25, 2011

Aligators and Turtles.

It's my understanding the
alligator has remained unchanged
for 187 million years. So 
I will not try to change it.

The alligator can sit motionless for
long periods of time. I've tried to
outlast their motionlessness, and I fail
every time. I've even asked "what
are we going to do next" never got
an answer yet.

I've had people ask "ever eaten gator tail"
No and I don't want it to eat mine either.
But seriously they are very misunderstood.

Turtle soup ? No thanks.

I've never had a Gator threaten me
in any way. don't bother them and
they will not bother you.

Besides, they are always
( see above photo, smiling ) 


Mama-Bug said...

Great job on these photos. We have an abundance of gators and turtles in my neck of the woods. Have a great weekend!

MedaM said...

This post is really interesting to me. I've never seen alligator in private. In my language we say „krokodil“(crocodile). Your photos are great especially the first two photos and the one with an alligator that looks like smiling. I enlarged them in order to enjoy better view.

Sandra said...

snapper these are extraordinary! today you are MY hero. i love the shots of the gators, and he is smiling as he thinks of snapper for lunch. the first two are way cool and i am soooo jealous

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Great pictures.As for me I would give an alligator all the space he wants,jus tot be safe.:)

Carole said...

I really like your blog. I like the smiling alligator.... wonder what he's thinking.... "hmmmm think I'd like some "Pat" legs for supper."
Be careful out there.

Catherine said...

These are great. I wouldn't get too close to the alligators - they may look innocent but have a big bite. That smile looks sweet but is deceiving. I fed marshmallows to alligators once but understand that's not very smart (so this is a warning if you ever thought of that) - they'll get used to you feeding them & be aggressive to get more! What kind of animal is that on the post with the turtles?