Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grand Parents Day 1-2010

We have attended Grand Parents day here for a
number of years now and it has always been a
very rewarding, and learning experience for the 
Children as well as the Grand parents. The future
of our nation as well as the world depends on them.
May Almighty God Bless you.

Above, grand son Reed, this is his last
Grand Parents Day. Next year he enters
9th grade at Benedictine Preparatory school.

Above is Garrett, acheaved academic Silver Award
 list and Also is in advanced math class. 5th gr.

Above is Grand Daughter Josephine. She will no doubt,
 some day be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of
the United States. Because she likes to negociate.

Above is Josephines tribute to her Granny Madeline.
It says "My Granny would win a ribbon for making 
  the best Spaghetti in the world !"

Josephine 2nd gr, is also artistic, above is some 
of her art work.

Josephine is also an Animal Rights Activist. above,
is her New Years pledge to be kind to her cats;
"Sweetie Pie and Jake Steel"
(If you click on the picture you can read the Pledge)

And here are the Grand Parents and the grand children.


Granny Madeline said...

Great blog! What beautiful grandchildren!! These grandparents are so blessed! They are good children too. God bless them all.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Your grandchildren are not only cute kids but also very smart and talented....what a blessing. It runs in the family. Great work on the blog.

Sandra said...

Love the family foto. and you know i know how beautiful your grand kids are, all SEVEN of them. glad you all had a good time, Josephine did a great job on her panda bear. I love her pledge for her cats, made me laugh.