Monday, January 4, 2010

Green Meldrim Mansion

Imagine the cost of all this Iron work,
and the copper roof over the portico.
The large columns at the front door
are hollow iron.


Click on the above picture to read
the Historical marker. The Mansion was
Gen. Sherman's Headquarters while his
troops occupied Savannah.

Above, is the right side of the portico.

   Saint Johns Episcopal church operates the Mansion
And conducts tours to support and maintain it.
The above is a beautiful garden between the church
and the mansion. The garden has a small fountain pool.
My next post will be the church front. 


Sunny said...

What a beautiful building. If it cost ninety-three thousand dollars in the 1850's, it would cost mega-bucks to build today.
Sunny :)

Catherine said...

Sure brings back memories!

Sandra said...

it is truly beautiful and i don't remember it. I thought i had been in all the houses, but maybe it was not open to the public back when i spent so many happy hours visiting the old homes. great photos of it