Monday, January 11, 2010

Isaiah Davenport House and Museum.

Located in Savannah's historic district on
Columbia Square, this example of Federal
architecture was completed in 1820 by a
master builder from Rhode Island. 
Isaiah Davenport came to Savannah in 1807
to participate in the building boom that followed
the disastrous fire of 1796.
Davenport prospered as a builder and took an
active part in Savannah politics by serving on
the city council.
Isaiah Davenport died during the yellow fever
epidemic in 1827 at the age of 43.
The restoration of the Davenport house grew
into the Historic Savannah Foundation, which is 
responsable for the restoration of much of Savannah.


Sunny said...

What a grand house, I stairways to the front door.
Sunny :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures.... I still like the fountain - where is Orleans Square? We toured the Davenport house when we visited Savannah with Bob and Arleen many years ago.

Sandra said...

this one i remember and have been in side it a couple of times. great shots. good info