Saturday, April 9, 2011

Better View, Bream.

After several trys, I
did get a better view
of these Bream on the bed.
As Elvis Presley said
"Whole lot'a Shakin Going On"

God's world is full of Mystery and Wonder.
I have not seen this fellow today; yet !


Carole said...

Yes, it is a much better view... but the other was also nice. Like the heron. Can't wait to sit with him on the dock.

texwisgirl said...

Great re-takes! Can see their lovely spots loud and clear now!

From the Kitchen said...

Love seeing those heron on my sister's dock in Florida. I don't think I've ever seen bream. Are they edible?


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Great pictures.seeing they were taken through the water.This must be difficult.

Mama-Bug said...

You did a fantastic job on your retakes! Tell Bonnie those are some really good fish to eat. Along with some cheese grits and a mess of hush puppies! Don't get no better than that.

Lisa RedWillow said...

This last photo is so peaceful. Stunning.

Thank you for stopping your kind words are grealy appricatied.

Sandra said...

great underwater shots.

MedaM said...

Great and interesting photos as well as those from your previous post!