Sunday, April 10, 2011

Found Beauty.

I saw this beautiful flower while walking to
the car from church Saturday. I got my
camera and went back for a closer look.
I imagine I've passed it by several
times the past few weeks.
I sat my butt down and admired this "Carolina Cherokee
Rose" plant. I imagine people thought I was a little off center.
I suppose I am no longer shy when it comes to snapping.

This rose has quite a folk lour story. "The trail
of Tears", the tears of Cherokee mothers
who's children died on the "Trail of tears",
As they walked to the Reservation in 
Oklahoma, from Georgia, South and
North Carolina's.



Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This looks much like our Wild Rose here and I love it.This simple beauty catches the eye.

texwisgirl said...

it's beautiful - bittersweet history of the name... :(

MedaM said...

We call it Wild Rose, but it really is lovely! Sad story that goes with it!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi SnapperII---The little wild rose is so gorgeous. You captured some great pictures.