Monday, February 22, 2010

All I know about chickens.

What can I say about Chickens ?

I don't know much about Chickens. Except the
obvious, they lay eggs. Not the one's above and
below. They are Rooster's. Rooster's are male
chickens. They are like male humans, they scratch
in the dirt, peck at poop, Cocka-doodle-do and
monopolize the remote, and ask, whats for supper.
I think Rooster's know when to stop crowing. 
Unlike Tiger golfers. The Rooster knows, when
the male human asks; whats for supper, if the 
Rooster continues to crow it's gonna be chicken. 
Well thats all I know about chickens!!!!!

I guess I should be in the Olympics, my wonderful
wife keeps telling me, I'm " skating on thin ice"
whatever that means.

Well, you all, have a great week.


MedaM said...

These are nice photos especially when are enlarged. Your words made this post even more interesting and fun.:-)

Catherine said...

You do have a great sense of humor to go along with your photos. Kukos to Madeline for the Olympics suggestion!

Sandra said...

I know chickens live in a HEN house, I know roosters are mean and nasty and will attack a person (i have been attacked)I know chickens will roost in trees at night if they have no hen house, I know little biddies come out of eggs and make big chickens but only if the rooster says so.

Anonymous said...

Great photos and description. I guess I missed the seagull one but I like those also. Good job.