Monday, February 15, 2010

Wall Painting

This is Malicks (now closed). It used to be a
restaurant, closed for a while and opened up
again as a antique store and has been closed for
quite awhile now.
(please snap on the pics for details)
While it was a restaurant we ate there several
times. The food was not bad and the prices were
ok. I don't know why it did not survive.

These wall paintings were painted while it was an
antique store, several years ago.

I have wanted to stop and take photos for
quite awhile. Well I finaly did. You don't see
much wall painting any more, I guess it's a 
lost art, or to expensive.  

I can remember when I could see wall paintings
everywhere. They were advertising for almost
everything from popular sodapop, to bread, and
a list that goes on and on. Whenever I see one
of the old paintings, though they are faded now
I put them in my collection. 


Sunny said...

The wall painting is quite unique, I really like it. Too bad the businesses didn't survive. I saw a lot of wall murals when I traveled out west.
Sunny :)

Sandra said...

there are quite a few murals here on business's down town. they were renewing old buildings and hired the artist. i love paintings on the walls, i might take time to drive around and see what i can snap

Anonymous said...

The mural is really neat. Don't know if you remember but there's a building in downtown Milwaukee that's painted with windows, curtains flying in the breeze, and a reflection of the building next to it.... it's all a solid brick wall. Your pictures show great detail.

Scott Davidson said...

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