Monday, February 8, 2010

Early Mocking Birds.

The Mocking bird so called for it's melodious singing
as well as it's ability to mimick other birds songs,
as well as the sounds of some insects.
(click on any picture to see details)
Mocking birds will readily defend their territory,
and nests against any and all foes.

Mocking bird eggs and young are a food delicacy
for a variety of preditators. Such as snakes, 
hawks, and other large birds, as well as o-possums,
racoons, and the list goes on and on.
I have seen them in the defensive mood against
snakes and hawks. They will band together
when necessary, to defend their terrritory.

It is verry early, but they are seen in these photos,
seemingly laying claim to last years nest's, and
spring is at least 2 months away.

In the photo above the nest can be seen at
lower left. In the photo below the nest is in
the tangle of Jasmine vines.


Sandra said...

and I will be the first to comment on your todays post and to say thanks for my anniversary wish. Our mocking birds are taller and skinnier than yours. i wonder why. also ours make a LOT of noise. when he first starts his song, i think oh how wonderful. after a while i stand in the door and say OK, Alright! enough all ready, we have heard your song for the last half hour, do you know anything new?

Anonymous said...

The birds are beautiful.... I like to click on the photos so I can see more of the detail. Good work.