Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Lake Jericho Sea Gulls

These Gulls are very acrobatic, and entertaining.
I have an inexpensive 75 x 300mm lense, and 
even though I don't need the power it is fun to 
see if Ican get good shots with it, remember 
I'm a wanna-be. This realy gets amusing when
Canadian Geese get in the action. Its amazing
how much fun you can have with bread and a 
camera. Get out the soda and popcorn the 
show is on. 

This Gull makes a pass at some bread, but is waived
off, because another gull beat him to it.

The gull above looks as if it is standing on
something in the water. It is amazing how
they can touch down without making a ripple,
and take the bread so delicately.

Here you see touch and go.
Please click on pictures to see the water droplets

Below: no seagull there. Where did you come from?
Nosey neighbor.




Sandra said...

the header is just wonderful, the nosey neighbor is adorable and very pretty to look at, the gulls are certainly agile and ready for anything they find. good job snappy

Catherine said...

I loved the pictures - you certainly capture them in action. Takes a lot of patience I imagine.

MedaM said...

You really had a wonderful time while feeding those lovely birds and photographing them. The photos are fantastic, all of them. I enlarged each photo and completely enjoyed in every detail. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

Sunny said...

Great pictures. Your header is really wonderful.
Sunny :)