Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chasing Feathers in the cold, cold rain.

After reading and viewing Mad Snapper's blog
this morning, I would like to share this with you all.
These are some pics I took this past Monday afternoon.
these pics are not worthy of putting on the blog but
They serve the purpose of expressing how much I
love not only taking pictures but also the chase; or the
hunt; if you will. Please read on. 
It was a cold afternoon, drizzling rain and the
humidity crept right through the clothing I was
wearing. But when I spied the hawk, the hunt for
that one shot that would make it all worth while
was on. Tree to tree; bush to bush, and finally,
almost close enough to touch the hawk I raised
my camera and began snapping. Bad light and
lousey conditions, I was robbed. I enjoyed it,
and that my friends is how much I like the "Click"
A noble monument, very impressive, even imposing
in appearance, a magnificent predator.

Below the Hawk leaned forward and off it went
like a speeding bullett, faster than Superman.
And I, went home to a warm house and a
cold beer. I love the click.


Anonymous said...

You captured the hawk in spite of the rain. The pictures do not reflect the bad weather.... they are great - love the action shot. Also like the description of your enthusiasm - Hunt for the Click

Catherine said...

Like Carole, I am impressed with your drive for the perfect shot - neither rain, nor snow . . . we're waiting for the sleet and hail . . . Click on!

Sandra said...

from one mad clicker to another mad clicker, keep hunting and clicking. this hawk is beautiful. enjoyed the story too.

Sandra said...

i forgot to mention I like the valentines on the side bar. Old Age Creepteth Upon ME

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Wow, patience got the shot !
Now I think those pictures are extremely worthy of showing on your blog, you have set the bar very high for us amateurs my friend :)