Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rejuvenated Lion.

The lion says "warm weather, some shrubs a growing
season and my dignity will return".

Last night, in an e-mail my daughter in law Daria
was good enough to send me the information I had
forgotten about the restorer of the "Wounded Lion".
Artist Randall Nelson did the work, he is from
Connecticut and has done work for the Historic
Savannah Foundation prior to this. He has recieved
awards from the Historic Savannah Preservation

Oh Noble Lion
Duck next time !!!!!!!!


Sandra said...

YEAHHHH its working. good job. love all the buildings in the background and that is great work the artist does. i want to see if If I ever get back to Savannah

MedaM said...

That really is a beautiful lion. It also makes so beautiful fauntain. Wonderful art and wonderful photos!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures.... I don't even remember seeing it. I guess he did need a makeover.
Good work.